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Ocean House In The Off Season

Ocean House In The Off Season

The Ocean House, located in Watch Hill RI, an affluent village of Westerly RI, is a true escape from reality, yet ironically reinstates simplicity.

The simple sound of waves crashing, the awakening from natural sunlight rising, the freshness of salt air blowing, and the show of a simple seal swimming brings an unexpected peaceful feeling of having it all. The sea smoke rises from the glistening ocean waves, as locals run their dogs on the vacant white sandy beach.

The off-season is slow-paced with families, lovers, and professionals. The laughter of a family learning shuffleboard rules, bundled in puffer jackets and sipping hot toddies fills the air as a couple snuggles under fleece blankets absorbing the sun, and lounging with their newspaper and chapter books on their signature suite balcony.

The simple exercise in the 86 degree lap pool, next to the fully equipped gym detoxes the holiday treats and late night meetings. The steam room and OH Spa brings revival to the couples, babymooners, and professionals.

Flirty couples and young adults find the secret B2 elevator for the recreation rooms. Taking the slow walk down the hallway to the squash courts and billiards room finds the detour with the sweet smelling cooking class and wood barreled wine or bourbon tastings.

A walk through the lobby brings ocean views on all sides. The pianist and the cello put a skip in the step and stop the long-time lovers for a quick dance. The entrance into the Bistro bring the excitement of fine wines, local delicatessens, decadent desserts, and quick sipping espresso martinis. The Sunday Jazz Brunch makes a slow-moving 3 hour morning full of mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, bottomless shellfish, hot pastries, fresh cut fruit, and made to order omelets

The new secret soon to be the buzz of this lavish retreat is the iconic Fondue Village upgrading luxury  with private dining. The experience is filled with 4-course dinners accompanied by bubbling Veuve Clicquot Champagne. The cozy gondolas offer unique fine wines and sophisticated menus by a roaring fire and a sunset backdrop.

Pictures Courtesy of: SeeWesterly, Seenic Sites and Facebook @OceanHouseRI


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