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Misquamicut: The Hub of the Region

Misquamicut: The Hub of the Region

You might think a vacation in Misquamicut is all about the beach and the delicious seafood. And sure, those are the foundations of a great vacation in coastal Rhode Island but there’s also a lot to be experienced beyond the close-knit beach community.

When you rent a cottage in Misquamicut for the week, not only are you within walking distances of world-class beaches but you’re also within driving distance of some of the most renowned historical sites, museums and attractions on the east coast.

Using Misquamicut as the epicenter for your vacation means you get the best of everything: sun-soaked afternoons at the beach, fresh seafood to fill a hungry belly and the opportunity to venture a bit further into downtown Westerly to check out a brewery or to Mystic to visit the Mystic Aquarium or even to Block Island to see the rugged Mohegan Bluffs. Starting in Misquamicut and working your way out from there means you can get a little bit of everything!

George Tattersall, a former president of the Misquamicut Business Association, started promoting Misquamicut as a regional destination years ago after realizing that most tourism districts and their promotion of sites, attractions and restaurants stop at the state or town border.

“If someone is coming to Rhode Island from Texas, New England feels like a state for them,” he said. “Visitors don’t look at the town or state lines, they’re looking at what’s within a certain radius, what’s a doable distance to drive for a day or afternoon trip.”

One of the best parts about using Misquamicut as a hub is that there are attractions for just about every interest within an hour drive or so, Tattersall said.

“And although Westerly residents see the town as being made up of small villages, visitors don’t see it that way, they just see Westerly as one big seaside town,” he said. “Think of it as a hub and spokes. Misquamicut is the hub and then each of the surrounding communities and attractions is a spoke.”

One piece of advice Tattersall says he wishes all visitors could hear: Don’t drive home during rush hour when you’ll just sit in traffic the way, getting hungrier and ‘hangrier.’ Stay in town, enjoy a meal in downtown Westerly and then by the time you leave, traffic will have subsided and it’ll be easy driving home.

“This is key to a successful trip to Westerly and Misquamicut,” he said. “We want your stay to end on a high note.”

So come to Misquamicut for the beaches, fresh seafood and live entertainment and stay for the walkable downtown, the great day trips and the eclectic attractions throughout the region.

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