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Dave’s Coffee Shop – Like Coming Home

Dave’s Coffee Shop – Like Coming Home

If you are a college student in need of somewhere cozy to get some work done, or someone looking for a quick cup of coffee before heading into work, or just a person who loves a wide selection of delicious beverages and pastries, Dave’s Coffee should definitely be your go-to.

Located at 5193 Old Post Road, Charlestown, Dave’s Coffee sits atop a hill with plenty of parking. Open from 6 a.m to 6 p.m., Dave’s allows customers to spend early mornings or late afternoons in the warmth of the shop.

After getting out of the car, I begin walking towards the entrance of the cotton-candy pink colored building. What will I order today? My favorite drink on the menu happens to be the vanilla chai, which I order iced no matter the season (like many other Rhode Islanders).

Some days I crave the smoothies made from fresh fruit, and other times, when I am feeling particularly low on energy, I love getting a regular cup of black coffee with a couple shots of espresso. The coffee served at Dave’s is roasted by hand, and the effort certainly pays off in its incredible taste. There is something for everyone!

I step into the building and immediately feel a wave of comfort wash over me. The way Dave’s is set up makes it stand out from other coffee shops. There are high and low tables, couches and dim lighting from lamps; coming to Dave’s Coffee feels like coming home. After all, it is a family-owned business.

I make my way towards the counter as the faint aroma of coffee dances around my nose, and my stomach begins to rumble. With all of the freshly baked pastries sitting right next to the counter, I cannot help but get something. The selection varies daily, but I always spot the classic blueberry muffin, which I order every time I see it.

“Here you go,” the barista begins after handing me my order, “have a nice day!” The staff never fails to be friendly.

I take a seat on one of the snug couches, eyeing my massive sugarcoated muffin. Its core is still warm, and the blueberries practically melt in my mouth. I wash it down with my iced vanilla chai and start to reminisce about the countless times I have visited Dave’s.

One time, I ordered a baked matcha donut, which tasted exactly like a hot cup of green tea. Another time, there was a peanut butter donut with a moist jelly filling. The fact that the coffee shop changes its pastry menu is another reason I keep coming back. I am always eager to try new and exciting foods!

In the summer and warmer months, the outdoor seating area of Dave’s is beautiful. Large yellow umbrellas shade many tables, where warm gusts of breezes roll up the hill. In the back, my favorite spot in particular, there is a beautiful little pond with miniature statues and more seating. Dave’s Coffee succeeds in making sure their customers are happy and comfortable.

After taking the very last sip of my chai, I throw away the cup and the few remaining crumbs from my muffin. I head out the front door of Dave’s Coffee with a full and happy stomach. Even though I am going home, I feel like I just stepped out of my own front door!

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