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Top 10 Pizza Places in Westerly RI

Top 10 Pizza Places in Westerly RI

Typically, when you talk to people about the best pizza places around the country you hear New Haven CT and New York. While there are so many great pizza places in those locations, if you are in the mood for a great pie you should be setting your sights on Westerly RI.

Everyone searches for Pizza Westerly RI, so we decided to compile a list of the Top 10 Pizza Places in Westerly RI, in our opinion, so we went on a road trip, got take out and even got pizza delivered to our place to make our list of the best pizza places in Westerly RI. Westerly RI is home to great restaurants , see our last article for the Top 10 Restaurants in Westerly RI. It’s also home to great beaches, bars and attractions but you wouldn’t necessarily think to come here for a delicious pie. Hopefully this article changes your mind.

Restaurants were considered on flavor, freshness, crust and overall experience. Our list is in no particular order.

Pizzeria Longo

Overall an awesome experience. Longo’s is one of the newer restaurants in the area but you wouldn’t know it when you entered. In fact, Longo’s just missed our list of top 10 restaurants in Westerly RI. Longo’s is serving up traditional wood fired pizza and Italian food in a modern setting with a fun, helpful and informative staff. Order online or in person and you will not be disappointed. We suggest the New Haven and Margherita. Why? Because that is what we ordered on our trip for Pizza and they were amazing. The waitress also recommended the Little Italy and the Westerly. I’m pretty confident that no matter what you choose for dinner you won’t be disappointed. Dessert on the other hand is a different story. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you try the Nutella Pizza. OMG it is amazing!

Pizza Vita

ATTENTION RESIDENTS & TOURISTS. Next time you are in the beach area and are looking for some great takeout or delivery, give Pizza Vita a try. Their pies are unique, fun and delicious. Not sure what I was going to have, I laid my eyes on the words Big Mac. These guys make a pizza that tastes just like the burger but even better. It even has the same special sauce. We also tried the Chicken Pesto. Not to be cheesy but it made my mouth sing! Both of these Pizza’s were absolutely delicious and a must try for anyone. If you are out in the beach street area pick yourself up a big mac… on a pizza pie!


Do not be fooled by their location. Vetrano’s is serving up some of the best pizza in Westerly and in Rhode Island, period. In fact, they are serving up some of the best Italian food in the area. First, do yourself and your stomach the favor of eating there. It’s an experience and you won’t leave hungry. You will be treated to the most delicious bread and oil to satisfy your appetite while you wait for your food. They are serving up New York Style pizza that is cooked to perfection with a doughy crusty and cheesy cheese.
If you know anything about Westerly, you know about “soupy’. When we saw the King Nasone pizza on the menu we knew what we had to do and we didn’t question our decision. The only thing we questioned was if we should ask for more bread! This pie got delivered and devoured and it was everything we thought it would be. I have had better homemade soupy but never have I had good soupy on great pizza accompanied with delicious sausage and snapping vinegar peppers. Seconds? Yes, Please!

Vittoria’s NY Pizza

Some of you will say they are the same as Vetrano’s but both are so good and have different names that in our opinion they both needed to be added. So while you can try the same pies at both places and be equally as satisfied we decided to try different ones. Here we were still on the soupy kick so we tried the Calabrese Style Pizza. It was delicious but we personally like the tang of the vinegar peppers in the Nasone better. We also tried the Baked Ziti Pizza. A full meal on a slice of bread? Count us in! We recommend this pie as well for all the creamy, cheesy greatness.

Pizza Place

How can you keep a place named Pizza Place off the best pizza list? You can’t and it has nothing to do with the name. This place is serving up amazing pizza in the heart of downtown Westerly RI. Here we tried the Chicken Cacciatore. I’m not going to lie that is one of my favor pasta dishes so the fact that it was on a pizza, I had to try it. We also tried a white pizza called the Potato Pizza. The Cacciatore was fantastic and the veggies were fresh and cooked perfectly.

I had never had Potato on a pizza before. Let me tell you, I haven’t lived. After trying this pie, I can now say my life is complete. No, I’m kidding but the pizza is rush of flavor of comfort and something you should add to your list.

Voc’s Dunn’s Corner Westerly

If you’re not from Westerly, it is very easy to not know about Voc’s. It’s very easy to drive by and not notice it. However, once you try it you won’t forget it. I have always known Voc’s for the sandwiches even though I had heard they made good pizza. I went a little off the cuff here and order a veggie pizza and a sweet pizza. I know what you’re thinking but here me out. When I entered the restaurant I walked by someone chowing on a veggie pie and it looked and smelt delicious. It actually tasted better then it originally looked. AMAZNG! The veggies were piled on, yet perfectly proportioned. I also chose the sweet pizza, which I have always been a sucker for. I had never had it here though. There are a few local places that make good sweet pizza but if you haven’t tried Voc’s you should. Next time you’re in Westerly, keep an eye out for Voc’s.

Casa Della Luce

“As Seen in Top 10 Restaurants Westerly RI”

Nothing screams Westerly like Italian food and Casa Della Luce is serving up some of the best local Italian food in town inspired from recipes from Italy and serving up traditional New York Style Pizza. Just walking into this place you feel like you’re walking into grandma’s kitchen. The aromas are full of garlic and basil and the atmosphere is friendly and casual. It is exactly what you want with an authentic Italian restaurant. We came here to try the pizza and that I what we did. We were greeted by a tasty treat of two thin slices of cheese pizza to snack on while we waited. Our waitress recommended the Buffalo chicken pizza. I have to admit I didn’t look at the menu to see the description that said it had carrots so in it so I was a bit surprised to see them. I must admit though they gave the pizza some bite to it and were a great addition to the pie. The blue cheese was extremely tasted and the waitress said they make it homemade.

Supreme Pizza

Supreme is a classic pizza place who has adopted to the modern world with online ordering!!!!!!! So what did we do? We ordered our food online and got it delivered. You want to talk about hassle free. This place is doing it right and bringing it right to your doorstep. With Supreme, we wanted to mix it up a little bit so we went with a White Pizza, a Texas Style Pizza and the Chicken Florentine. All three were very good but I especially liked the Chicken Florentine. The Ricotta combined with the garlic was incredible. However, my favorite part about all three was the crust and even though we got it delivered it was still thin and crispy.

Hilltop/ Pod’s Pizza

We loved the Hilltop/ Pod’s pizza atmosphere. We went here on a Sunday afternoon, watched a game and drank beers in their awesome sports bar/ neighborhood bar setting. So you guessed it, we went with just cheese and we were so happy we did. The pizza was banging. Another spot that wins me over for putting their cheese all the way to the edge of the pan. It comes out so crispy that way. Next time you want to watch sports and drink beer head to Hilltop!


This place might be our favorite overall and not because their pizza is good but because this place reminds me of being a kid. Mario’s is not flashy and you aren’t going to dress up to come here but when you walk in it will remind you of your childhood. Have you seen the game room? In my family it was Friday night, we all piled in the minivan and headed to the local pizza joint. The parents ate at the table and the kids ran around causing mayhem. This is Mario’s and when you walk in you feel happy. However, you will feel happier when you taste their buttery cheesy pizza. This is the type of place where you go definitely go cheese! The cheese pizza is amazing and again it’s what you remember as a kid. The cheese to the edge of the pan so it’s crispy. We loved it! We also put hot soupy on a cheese pizza and that was even better than the cheese pizza. Again, if you are not from Westerly you need to try Soupy. It is a local favorite and you will be glad you did.

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