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PVDonuts: RI’s Best Gourmet Donuts

PVDonuts: RI’s Best Gourmet Donuts

Are you craving something sweet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. PVDonuts is definitely the place to go to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

This family-owned business has so many yummy options to choose from, all of which are made fresh every day. The employees at PVDonuts make ALL of the donuts by hand so they are extra delicious. 

The menu switches up every month, which is great because there are always new things to try out. In general, you can pick from brioche donuts, old-fashioned, vegan, flourless, filled, and cake. All are so delicious and you really can’t go wrong. The taste isn’t the only thing that’s great about these donuts though, they also look amazing. On top of that, they are huge! My favorite thing to do is to get a few different kinds and split them up so I can try a lot of different flavors!

One of my favorite donuts is the coffee milk donut. It seriously tastes just like coffee milk, I was shocked. I also really like the cereal milk donut as well, which is covered in my favorite cereal, Fruity Pebbles. I know what you’re thinking…Fruity Pebbles, on a donut?! Trust me, don’t knock it till you try it. You will absolutely not be disappointed. Some of my other favorites are Boston cream and strawberry dunkaroo (which was a special donut this month).

If you don’t know what to order, don’t worry, the staff will help you out. What I love to do when I get overwhelmed by all of the choices, is to ask the staff to pick out donuts for me. When I went this week, I asked her to pick out her favorite donuts for me to try. I got to try six amazing donuts that I might’ve not picked out on my own. 

The prices for the donuts range from about $2.75-$3.50 depending on what kind you get. That may seem pricey, but trust me, they are worth it. The size, the taste, and the amazing look of these donuts make them worth every penny.

They also have a lot of drinks on the menu to go with your donut including nitro cold brew coffee, chai, regular cold brew, hot coffee, milk, and hot tea. 

PVDonuts has also put safety measures in place because of COVID19. Only four people are allowed to enter the store at one time to avoid big crowds and dine-in is not available at this time.

If you are planning on visiting PVDonuts, they are open from 8am-3pm Wednesdays-Sundays. I would highly recommend checking them out if you want to try something different, and something super sweet. There are so many options, you’re going to want to keep going back to try more!

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