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Best Breakfast Places Westerly RI

Best Breakfast Places Westerly RI

If you’re searching for a place to go to start your day sunny-side up, look no further than Westerly RI for some of the best breakfasts around. From the best waterfront views in town to international culinary creations, the variety that Westerly restaurants have to offer for the most important meal of the day are sure to exceed one’s expectations in both flavor and atmosphere. This list of “egg-quisite” breakfasts is based on menu selection, atmosphere, taste, popularity of items and voices of customers. They are not rated in any particular order. Additionally, this list is simply a starting point and further exploration is encouraged to find one’s personal favorite place to wake up in Westerly.

The Cooked Goose

Conveniently located in Misquamicut RI on the way to some of Westerly’s famous beaches, The Cooked Goose offers an incredible breakfast in addition to lunch, prepared foods, and takeout. The Goose offers spacious indoor and outdoor seating in nice weather to accommodate the crowds one may find there, especially in the summertime when customers from near and far come in search of a delicious breakfast by the sea. However, it will become quickly evident that the food is worth any wait you may have. The breakfast menu, reasonably priced and served until eleven thirty, has a multitude of selections that are sure to please, whether that be from the griddle or eggs made your style. If it is a hearty breakfast sandwich one seeks, look no further than “The Breakfast Goose,” packed with house-made chicken sausage, eggs, cheddar, tomato, avocado, and sriracha aioli all tucked into a fluffy brioche roll. Don’t feel like eggs? The pancake selection is sure to impress, featuring nine different unique toppings. For the eggs benedict fanatic, The Goose offers seven different varieties including lobster, Mexican, and of course, traditional. In addition to all of these generously portioned masterpieces, this restaurant offers a wide selection for those with a smaller appetite or dietary restrictions. The “lighter-fare” portion of the menu includes a delicious and ever-changing homemade quiche, hot oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, and more. If one is in search of a diverse menu, friendly staff, quality food, and a beautiful eating environment, The Cooked Goose is the place to be.

Kelley’s Deli

At Kelley’s, the Irish and the non-Irish alike will feel right at home with the happy-go-lucky vibe and the traditional tastes of Ireland. Located in the Granite Street Shopping Plaza near Alley Katz bowling alley, Kelley’s features one of the most unique breakfast and lunch menus in town. Whether it be the Irish breakfast featuring potato cakes and bangers or peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast, Kelley’s is a palate pleaser. The list of omelettes, all made with three eggs, seems to continue on forever including the bacon bleu cheese and onion ring (filled with onion rings- totally unique!), in addition to an abundance of custom add-ins. Look around the menu more and one will find another lengthy list of breakfast sandwiches with an abundance of different ingredients in each one. If the sweet tooth is calling, answer it with some of the unique selections Kelley’s offers from the griddle such as the doughboy breakfast, which is a fried dough topped with two eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, apple walnut cream or strawberries and cream (wow!). When you take all of this scrumptious variety and combine it with the Irish music and décor that is this restaurant’s signature look, you have Kelley’s Deli, an unforgettably delicious breakfast experience.

B&B Dockside

Formerly known as Oak Street B&B (burgers and breakfast) and relocated on Margin Street right on the river, this restaurant is associated with having some of the most delectable, juicy burgers around. As you can see, there is another component to B&B which is their incredible breakfast. The restaurant itself has a very rustic atmosphere with wooden high top tables and bar seating as well as outdoor seating for an even more spectacular view of the Pawcatuck river. Their menu features many of the classic breakfast choices like bacon and eggs or sandwiches, but that is only the beginning. There are many selections at this restaurant that boast traditions of Westerly such as the Portuguese toast, which features slices of sweet bread battered in cinnamon, vanilla, and cornflakes (this can be stuffed with bacon and cream cheese also!) or the Westerly omelette filled with fresh soupy (a local favorite). Have beef with meatless breakfasts? No worries here, as the steak and egg breakfast plates, all featuring different spice rubbed steak and flavorful sauces, are sure to satisfy. B&B’s massively portioned, flavorful, high quality, and reasonably priced dishes pair well with a causal and upbeat atmosphere to provide customers with an experience that highlights some of the best tastes and sights Westerly has to offer.

Sunny-Side Up

Located in Dunns Corners on Post Road, just a few minutes away from the beach, Sunny-Side Up is a small place that will leave a big (and good) impression. This restaurant, which is a vibrant blue building, is home to both a breakfast/brunch restaurant and an incredible bakery. Sunny-Side Up features many homemade items on their menu, especially breads and pastries, and it certainly makes a difference. The home fries here are bursting with flavor and are a wonderful compliment to many of the egg dishes such as The Pig Pile (eggs, ham, sausage, cheese, and homemade toast). The menu also features many local favorites including the breakfast burrito, homemade corned beef hash, and waffles. Other noteworthy components of this quaint restaurant is the décor, which is very fitting for the area and that many say makes them feel at home there. Additionally, the bakery component of Sunny Side-Up is remarkable and custom cakes are available to order for those who are impressed with their work. It is without doubt that homemade makes a significant difference in the restaurant experience, and Sunny-Side Up is evidence of that. Taste and see while enjoying the small and comfortable environment that they have to offer.

Amanda’s Pantry

Right on Main Street in Westerly, this restaurant is undoubtedly a local favorite in Westerly. The menu is composed of many of the classic breakfast selections such as eggs and bacon dishes, home fries, and pancakes. While Amanda’s Pantry does not have a complex menu, they consistently make what they have the right way, which is why it is a favorite for so many. The staff at Amanda’s Pantry are exceptionally friendly and accommodating, making customers feel welcome and valued. The atmosphere gives this restaurant a classic diner feel, especially in the dining room which has the counter for seating. Amanda’s Pantry’s portions are just right and very affordable which is a breath of fresh air for those on a budget seeking a morning out to breakfast. One noteworthy component of the menu is the healthy selections featuring egg white omelets, vegetable scrambles, fresh fruit, oatmeal, and more. In a time where many are watching their health while dining out, these selections are perfect (yet still delicious!). Tasty food, lower prices, casual atmosphere, amazing staff, local favorite, and accommodating for most diets? There is so much to love about Amanda’s Pantry.

Christina’s Place

Oak Street may no longer be home to B&B, but that does not mean there is no breakfast to be found there! Keep your eyes peeled for Christina’s Place, the yellow building with purple shutters. Although small in size, Christina’s is mighty in flavor and is a go-to for many regulars in town. On the breakfast menu, one can find the Soupy Scramble-a Westerly favorite with soupy, peppers, and onions. The restaurant has a diner-like feel to it as well, and prides itself in its home style cooking. They have everything the average breakfast-goer desires from fluffy, whipped cream topped pancakes and French toast to omelettes. Christina’s has delicious frittatas with several options for fillings that bring a unique touch to their menu. Time and time again, Westerly residents who have been will testify that Christina’s has consistently great service, friendly staff, and delicious home-cooked breakfast choices that will keep them coming back!

Amigos Taqueria Y Téquila

Amigos, which can be found on Canal street right in the heart of Westerly, is making a stellar impression with their newly introduced breakfast menu. This menu differs from others in town by offering an authentic Mexican spin on traditional breakfasts. All egg dishes here are served with either home fries or Mexican rice and beans, cornbread, or toast, offering a traditional option also. The lengthy breakfast menu offers a list of unique combinations that boast a variety of flavors, American and Mexican, that can be customized as either a wrap, omelette, or a scramble. From the griddle comes a whole other delectable side of Amigos breakfast choices such as La Feria Pancakes, which are buttermilk cakes topped with cocoa powder, plantains, and condensed milk-something truly unique one will not find elsewhere in Westerly. There are also healthy options that are far from bland, including El Padrino’s Agave Granola with organic yogurt and fresh fruit and much more. The atmosphere in Amigos boasts international delight and will transport you to Mexico as you indulge in a refreshingly unique breakfast while staying right in Westerly.

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