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Caf Bar: The Cafe that’s home to monkey bread..with a twist

Caf Bar: The Cafe that’s home to monkey bread..with a twist 

I walked into the Caf Bar for the first time and was in the mood for a bagel. I looked through the menu and saw the monkey bread. The monkey bread was peanut butter, banana, coconut, and maple syrup, which I chose to get on a bagel. I love monkey bread, and I love bagels, so I figured, why not? Let me tell you, this bagel was the most delicious bagel I have ever had. It was extremely filling and had amazing flavor. If you decide to order monkey bread from Caf Bar, make sure to have your napkins ready because it is a bit messy but totally worth it. 

Caf Bar is located in Wakefield, Rhode Island, and is your one-stop-shop for all your classic breakfast items, and also a great place to try something different. Caf Bar has been opened since March of 2018, but just four weeks ago, relocated to a new location at 396 Main Street. The owner of the restaurant, Elias Boutros had been in the restaurant business a long time before making the decision to open Caf Bar. He worked in a lot of casinos, in fast food, and as a General Manager at Cheesecake Factory. When he started a family of his own, the long hours didn’t work well for him and his family, so he and his wife decided to start their own business, and Caf Bar was born. Boustros enjoys that he is now his own boss and is able to use everything he has learned in the past from bosses and peers and incorporate that into his cafe. 

Caf Bar has a lot of options on its menu, and their coffee and espresso are really popular items. Their coffee and espresso are all fair trade organic and they use a local roaster out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island that has been around for over 70 years. It’s no surprise that their coffee is so tasty! Their lattes are also really popular as well as their toast menu, which is where I found my super yummy monkey bread. Another favorite is the avocado toast.

The cafe has a lot of regular customers that walk through the doors through the year, but they see a lot of tourists who come in during the summertime, which makes summer the busiest season for Caf Bar. Right now, Caf Bar offers some limited seating in the cafe, with socially distance tables, and you can also take your order to go. Another option they have is to order your food online and get it brought out to your car when you arrive. There is also some bar space in the restaurant that guests can sit at if they choose. 

I really enjoyed going to the Caf Bar and also talking to Elias a little more about it and how the cafe got to where it is today. I would highly recommend trying out the Caf Bar, next time you want to grab some breakfast, or maybe just a coffee. They are open Tuesday-Saturday from 8am-3pm and Sunday from 8am-2pm.

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