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The Coffee Buzz | Junk & Java; An Eclectic Blend — Westerly, RI

The Coffee Buzz | Junk & Java; An Eclectic Blend — Westerly, RI

This article is from our archives and although things have changed during COVID, the spirit of this coffee shop remains the same.  Visit their Facebook page to find out all of their COVID guidelines.

This past week I found myself near my mother’s house and in need of a little pick me up. Just down the road from her, an unassuming little shopping center sits off Beach Street in wait for its customers to arrive, and they do, in droves. There are a bunch of charming little businesses there but one can’t mistake the crowd that exists in the right corner spot, the one and only Junk & Java Coffee Shop. It is no big secret that American’s love coffee, and this little gem, there for about three years now, provides just that and much more.

These days you can buy coffee almost anywhere, from Dunkin Donuts, to McDonalds, so if you want to get a leg up on the competition you better make your menu and atmosphere a cut above the rest. Junk & Java has definitely succeeded in both aims. This eclectic little shop has not only your basic brews: your teas, your lattes and espressos, but they also have health drinks, handmade gelato milkshakes, and creative specials. S’mores Chai or a Baklava Cappuccino anyone? Hello, yummmmm!

On this particular trip I had my husband with me as well as my younger son, who based on his occasional cries was feeling pretty hungry. Luckily this great spot also has an array of pastries, bagels, cookies, muffins, etc. to feed and satisfy even the tiniest of palates. We settled on a gorgeously rich looking chocolate muffin for little man and two vanilla iced coffees for us adults. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they also provide almond milk (love the stuff!) in addition to the typical milk and cream at the condiment bar, and I gave our coffees a good splash of it.

Now, where to sit? The options are many. Inside there are several nooks and crannies in which to tuck yourself away. There are vintage fabric chairs, leather chairs, high top tables, low tops, and even a chess/checker game top table. How fun! Knickknacks and artwork cover the walls and hang from the ceiling, making the space quite homey and very cozy.

Delicious baked goods

On this day, by far the warmest of this chilly spring, we thought we might head outdoors to the adjoining patio. Sunny and bright, this area has several wooden tables each surrounded by four wooden Adirondack chairs. There is also a little wood burning stove which I imagine must be quite delightful if you find yourself there in the evening (they are open from 6am till 8pm). We found some empty seats and sat down to enjoy our purchases and also get some much needed vitamin D from Mother Nature. Unfortunately my son didn’t get to eat all of his cupcake, I mean muffin…the mom and dad tax was unavoidable. It was so delicious, especially when washed down with our icy beverages.

Perhaps it is a good thing that our gym is also right up the road, for I will soon be back and am desirous to try more of Junk & Java’s many decadent creations. Perhaps the Peanut Brittle Latte?! In fact I wish I was drinking one right now as I wright this, sigh…time to go for a drive!

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