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Narragansett Beer Makes its Way to Providence 

Narragansett Beer Makes its Way to Providence 

Narragansett Beer has always been popular throughout the state and beyond. Now, the beloved beer is even closer than you think. Narragansett Beer has set up shop with it’s brand new brewery in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Narragansett Brewery owner Mark Hellendrung bought back the company in 2005. Since then, he has made it his mission to build a new brewery, since the old brewery got knocked down. Now they have a great location, a great space and Hellendrung says it was all worth the wait. 

Narragansett breweries have had tremendous success for many years, and a lot of that success has to do with the people who support the company through and through. 

“Rhode Islanders really rallied around the brand. There’s just so many young college students who come into the state and tourists who come and experience it. We sell a lot of beer up and down the East Coast and I think our success here in Rhode island has really fueled that,” said Hellendrung. There are people from all over the state that visit the brewery, all at different ages which makes for a very exciting and lively atmosphere. 

The whole construction process was a learning experience for Hellendrung, since he hadn’t done anything to this capacity before. All that hard work has paid off though, since people love hanging out at the brewery and construction is now almost finished. The official grand opening will be in August, but the brewery has been serving beer for about a month and a half.

The team at Narragansett Brewery has been working hard to get a lot of different beers out to their customers. This summer, the number one selling beer has been a dragon fruit sour. Loggers also do really well at the brewery as well as the summer heat and hazy summer ale. 

Even though the brewery just opened its doors to the public, there are still a lot of events that are coming up this summer. Steve Smith and the Nakeds will be playing in July and there will be a multi day grand opening celebration at the beginning of August where there will be themed days like seafood day and sour slam, as well as national IPA day where a new IPA will be released. 

Narragansett Brewery is located at 271 Tockwotten St. in Providence, Rhode Island. For more information about the brewery, like upcoming events and hours, check out their website. 

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