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Let’s face it ladies, a night with a glass of white in your cotton Eberjays under a cuddly throw with the kids tucked in early and a good episode of Desperate Housewives, is a night well spent.
But on those rare occasions that the thong gets dusted off and the lip gloss gets caked on; Ladies Night needs to be rocked.
Don’t be shy with a little sex appeal in those belly-shirts and high heels, this Judgement-free zone has no limitations. All ages are welcome because these far and few between nights that the girls bond together needs to be a night of no limitations. While the phrase, “what happens on girls night, stays on girls night” is perfectly suitable the phrase seems to be more along the lines, “what happened last night…?“ Don’t knock the fact that you don’t remember, just don’t be so curious that you have to ask… let the mystery just be left as; “it was a good night”.
Find your flow with the 2:00 day-drinking, the 4:00 happy hour, or the very bold 7:00pm dinner and after dinner drinkers. From the shots to the sippers, from the martinis to the spritzers, this night is filled with questionable dancing, simple laughs, and lot of meaningless hugging. If that girlfriend gets sloppy in the corner, don’t judge just call that early uber. There are no expectations when the girls come out, just lots of prospects in building new alliances.

For the 2:00 day Drinking
Ladis club

Wakefield, Rhode Island

Matunuck Oyster Bar

It’s only 2:00 with the sun shining bright, dress to impress with the short skirt and favorite tank. This place is bumping from open to close with a big-bustling bar and accommodating large party tables. The waterfront patio brings together friends and colleagues from flip-flops to high heels with a sophisticated crowd that acknowledges the quality of fresh colorful drinks and easily made new bar friends.


Block Island, Rhode Island
The Oar Happy Hour sushi, beers on tap, corn hole in the lawn, dogs under picnic tables, and kids running in the grass make this a “go-to” for college kids, young parents, and “experienced” regulars. The sailors, the golfers, the beach-goers, and the vacationers come finding old friends and leave with new buddies as this place shows no need to move quickly.

For the 4:00 Happy Hour

Ladies club

Mystic, Connecticut

Red 36

Red 36 has bright cocktails, big lounge chairs, and multiple bars overlook yachts and the sunsets on the Mystic River. Dress to impress as you never know who you might run into from old college buddies to coast-to-coast yachters. Signature cocktails range from Frose, to Summer Thyme Collins, to the Whiskey Smash.

Ladies club

Mystic, Connecticut

Captain Daniel Packer Inne

DPI is known for the pub during every season. From the cozy fire and small town tavern off-season to the open windows, river views, and salt water air, the drinks go down smoothly and the bartenders are filled with laughs. The locals and friends of all stages, laugh loudly, drink plentifully, and eat quality. This Happy Hour start often leads to a night of a bar crawl.

Ladies club

West Hartford, Connecticut

Division West Bistro and Bar

Division West Bistrol And Bar In Blue Black Square this Happy Hour has the whole package with bars close enough to crawl and stores close enough to do summer shopping damage. Division West Bistro and Bar has the cool vibe with the bangin’ food and drinks. Margaritas, wine, and an extensive menu from calamari to tacos, a fit for every palette. This is an easy entertainment Ladies Night as the first drink may set the tone. It can be a chill sophisticated round table of fun or a close down the bar kinda night!

Ladies club

Newport, Rhode Island

The Mooring

Seafood Kitchen & Bar doesn’t have a bad seat to offer, whether you choose indoor or outdoor the panoramic views of Newport Harbor either shows a yachter sailing up, sailing by, or sailing down a sunset. The beach-goers, the romantic lovers, and the first dates provide eye-candy as the micro brews and signature cocktails get paired with the raw bar and apps.

Ladies club

Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Fresh Salt

Fresh Salt is a breath-taking experience with water views and the choice of bar or table. This ladies night is most convenient to pair with a day spa experience and even easy night time accommodations on site at the Saybrook Point Spa and Marina for the friends flying in from out of town for that epic girls’ night and special occasion celebration!

For the 7:00 and after…night owls

Ladies club

Mystic, Connecticut

Chapter One

This night is unpredictable which helps me remember my old college quote; “have no expectations, expectations are only limitations”. Start off classy with the sippers and spritzers because this night isn’t ending early. Leading to the shots and espresso martinis, cheers the bar and start up the music, the DJ is coming out to play tonight!

Ladies club

West Hartford, Connecticut

Vinted Wine Bar

Vinted Wine Bar This one was a toss-up for Happy Hour or late night meetups, but with the bar open late and over 80 different kinds of wines, the Ladies Night after dark must try this for evening turned late night fun. Sizzling hot stakes, small plates and wine tastings make this a slow moving, fast sippin’ kind of night!

Ladies club

Block Island, Rhode Island

Yellow Kittens

Yellow Kittens is the place to be when the sun goes down and the 10:00pm band takes the stage. The live bands, DJs and dancing goes until 1:00am and is the oldest nightclub and tavern on the island. The locals find Industry Night, the wedding parties find the afterhours dance floor, and the boaters find the laid back bar seats for the early show of live jazz and local brews. This place “Closes Down” the island with the most action seen at 1:00 in the morning when the laughter and friends make the memories of a lifetime meeting new people that they will know forever from the biggest and wildest party on the island.



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