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Knead Doughnuts: Bringing you Flavors You’ve Never Imagined

Knead Doughnuts: Bringing you Flavors You’ve Never Imagined

Do you wanna take a bite into the biggest, most flavorful, yummy donut ever? of course, the answer is yes! Who doesn’t love a good donut. I know I do and that’s why I love Knead Doughnuts in Providence, RI.

The first amazing thing about Knead Doughnuts is that it’s family-owned! So getting your doughnuts from here is a great way to support local businesses, especially during the pandemic. “We are a small family-owned local business. We come to work each day looking to make the best doughnuts we know how and serve them with a smile too,” says the Knead Doughnuts website.

Now, let’s talk about flavors. Where to begin? There are just so many. I loved the vanilla sprinkled. It was super filling and I’m a huge fan. They also have some vegan options, like vegan vanilla which is also really good and doesn’t taste vegan at all. If you are in the mood for something a little more unique, you could try the carrot cake or the chocolate chip cookie donut. Yes, you read that right, a chocolate chip cookie doughnut. These two are also fantastic. All of the doughnuts are pretty dense, so they are definitely going to fill you up fast.

As far as the pricing of these doughnuts go, they are a little more expensive than your average donut, but they are also a lot bigger than your average donut. The doughnuts range from $2.75-$3.75, depending on the donut you choose. You can also purchase a half dozen for $21 or a dozen doughnuts for $42. These would be great to bring to breakfast or for staff at work.

There are a few different locations of Knead Doughnuts. You can find them on Elmgrove Ave in Providence Thursday through Monday from 7am-1pm, Cromwell Street in Providence Friday through Sunday from 8am-1pm and in East Greenwich, Thursday through Monday from 7am-1pm. I went to the location on Cromwell Street. If it is your first time visiting, make sure to keep your eyes peeled when you start to get close, because I almost passed right by it!

Knead Doughnuts is a great place to stop and grab a quick doughnut to start off your morning. All of their flavors ensure that there is something there for everyone. Just remember to get there early, because their popular flavors sell out fast!

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