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Best Sandwich Spots in Westerly RI

Best Sandwich Spots in Westerly RI

Whether you are eating on the go, having a picnic, or spending the day at the beach, a sandwich is most definitely a favorite for many. Fortunately, Westerly RI is home to several incredible businesses that offer some of the most unique and impressive sandwiches you are likely to ever experience. Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? If you are on the lookout for lunch, take a look at this list of some of the most noteworthy places in the area and become sandwich savvy in no time!

Establishments were considered on flavor, freshness, bread and overall experience. Our list is in no particular order.

Sandy’s Fine Food Emporium

In addition to being one of the best family owned, high-quality health food grocery stores around, Sandy’s is home to some of the most delicious sandwiches you will find that are unique to this area. The deli menu features various sandwiches all named and designed after a location in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. For example, the Westerly contains turkey, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on whole wheat bread. Although the vast menu is likely to have a sandwich for everyone, Sandy’s deli is flexible and allows the customer to customize any sandwich or create their own. They use Boar’s Head meats and cheeses and will always exceed your expectations with the large portions they manage to pack inside a sandwich for the reasonable price of $6.94. In addition to their specialty sandwiches, Sandy’s offers a vast array of prepared foods and five specialty subs ($7.96). There are specials that are constantly changing (like the Hawaiian grilled cheese with pineapple mango chutney, muenster cheese, and ham) so be sure to check their Facebook page to stay informed or stop by and see for yourself!

The Cooked Goose

You may remember The Cooked Goose featured in our previous article about the best breakfasts in Westerly, but we have not yet talked about their incredible sandwiches! The Goose has a large menu of both hot and cold sandwiches ranging in price from $6.50 to $15.95, an incredible deal when you consider the hefty portions, amazing flavors and the accompaniment of chips, fries, or a pickle. All sandwiches are served on your choice of bread, including croissants or gluten free bread and are all very unique to the restaurant such as The Oscar (filet mignon, herbed boursin, tomato, avocado, red onion, and horseradish mayo on a brioche roll. Order your sandwich to-go or enjoy it in the comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant or on the outdoor patio. In addition to the twenty-five sandwiches, The Cooked Goose offers prepared foods and desserts such as giant cookies, salads, and more. Located right on your way to the beach, The Cooked Goose is a must-visit for any sandwich seeker in the Westerly area and is certainly an experience you will not be disappointed in!

The Misquamicut Sandwich Company

Located on Shore Rd. on the way to Misquamicut State Beach you will find MSC, a great choice for an amazing sandwich. MSC offers a variety of sandwiches (breakfast and otherwise) that will fit the needs of both meat-lovers and veggie fans everywhere. They hand-make their quinoa burgers and offer them as a delicious pressed sandwich with tempeh bacon, arugula, guacamole, and pico de gallo on a sesame roll. Additionally, MSC features some awe-inspiring gourmet grilled cheeses such as the bacon and brie, which is served with a local vanilla-pear jam for dipping. Whether you are looking for a bagel, bacon egg and cheese, panini, or cold deli sandwich, MSC has you covered with the most delicious pairings of ingredients and a homemade touch.

Pick Pocket’s

Found on the main stretch of Granite St., Pick Pockets is certainly a unique feature of Westerly that has some of the best food around. The menu is vast, featuring hot and cold pockets, salads, and more with the fresh ingredients displayed out in front of you to watch as your masterpiece is made. Many of the pockets feature falafel, a unique touch which adds amazing texture and flavor to any sandwich. Pick Pockets is very reasonably priced and will impress you with the generous portions and delicious flavor. Don’t forget to pick up a little something to compliment your pocket! Pick Pockets has some of the most incredible homemade pita chips around bursting with flavor and paired perfectly with their hummus to make the perfect snack. We recommend the chicken falafel and anything you can put their buffalo chicken on especially the buffalo chicken wrap. The employees here are always so pleasant and work hard to give you a great experience. This is a must if you’re looking for something unique, quick and delicious.If you’re feeling like a pita pocket without having to empty your pockets, check out this sandwich shop and you will not regret it!

Voc’s Dunn’s Corner Westerly

This place makes all different sort of delicious food and offers something for everyone. However, if you are in the mood for a good sandwich you need to try their Chicken Cutlet Panini this thing is oozing with goodness you’ll be full but wanting more when your done.

Westerly Packing

We go to this place all the time for their meatball mix and all of the prime meat cuts. They also have some of the best Sopressata in town and they are serving up one of the most delicious sandwiches in town with it. Next time you go there to pick up your dinner you might want to consider picking up your lunch to and get yourself a Soupy Sandwich.

Ten Sandwiches

Nestled in beautiful Watch Hill you will find Ten Sandwiches, a truly unique atmosphere with an admirable mission of using only the finest local and organic ingredients to prepare a meal for you. Ten Sandwiches serves breakfast, lunch, coffee, smoothies, and tea with each menu item simply named after a number (ten sandwiches). This sandwich shop is a welcoming environment for vegetarians and carnivores alike, featuring sandwiches like number 5 (house-made hummus, cucumbers, avocado, sprouts, tomato, and Havarti on multigrain bread) and number 8 (roast turkey, ham, brie, pear, and melted gruyere on grilled white). Ten Sandwiches puts care into their food, sourcing their ingredients from local farms such as Baffoni’s poultry farm, Narragansett Creamery, Schartner’s Farm, and Dave’s Coffee, just to name a few. No matter what you get, there is no better place to enjoy the area’s finest, freshest ingredients than Watch Hill


Possibly one of Westerly’s best kept secrets is Limiros, located at 24 Pierce St. Limiros features a large menu of paninis, hot and cold grinders, quesadillas, nachos, salads, and more. Limiros has a multitude of options and so many different flavor combinations for very reasonable prices to satisfy your sandwich cravings without breaking the bank. The pesto chicken panini, for example, features the wonderfully combined flavors of breaded chicken, pesto sauce, lettuce, tomato, and fresh mozzarella for an affordable price of $6.95. Another feature of Limiros that helps it stand out from the rest is the fresh, crispy and delicious grinder rolls. They are the best possible compliment to the fresh and tasty ingredients inside any sandwich. Whatever it is you choose to try on Limiros menu is sure to please and have you coming back time and time again.

Midway Pizza

Open since 1964 and voted best pizza and sandwiches, Midway sure has a lot to offer. In addition to pizzas (served by the slice as well), Midway has many grinders and now features nine different salads! Many people rave about their meatball and chicken parmesan grinders, both packed with flavorful red sauce, mozzarella cheese, and stuffed between a fresh roll. Midway offers delivery, patio seating, and has extended hours in the summer time. Additionally, Midway is opening a concession stand called “Midway at the Dunes” at The Dunes Park in Misquamicut. Whichever location you visit, the experience will surely validate the locals’ loyalty to such an established and renowned sandwich shop.

Dunn’s Corner Market

Drive by here in the summer and this place is packed. Go inside and you will see a lot of people dressed for and headed to the beach all gathered around waiting to order their grinders for the day. This place is family owned and operated and they definitely do not skimp on the ingredients. If you’re looking for freshness and a quality sandwich you must stop at Dunn’s Corner Market.

Ritacco’s Market

Another old school staple in Westerly that has been around forever. This spot is also serving up great Italian food that you can get for takeout and they cater too! But for this article we are talking about sandwiches and Ritacco’s is another spot that you can’t lose. For real Westerly RI flavor, we recommend the Soupy and Egg Grinder.

Phil’s Marketplace

As far as we are concerned this place is really underrated. Phil is serving up everyones Itlaina favorites and having fun doing so. Phil’s go to grinders are call the Godfather, The Italian Cutlet, The Don and The Goodfella. I’ll be honest with you we went there four days in a row to try each of them and we were not disappointed. If you want an incredible sandwich and service with a smile Say Hi to Phil!

Reale’s Grocery

Reale’s has been a Westerly staple for ever. If you’re looking for a fancy flashy place don’t bother coming here. However, if you want an amazing sandwich, or grinder as us locals like to call it, at a fair price, Reale’s is your spot. We recommend the Italian, Meatball and Chicken Parmigiana. We highly recommend the Italian Ham and Genoa sub. That’s Amore!

Malted Barley

We originally wrote about this place for our top restaurants and its because of their pretzel sandwiches, okay and they have have an amazing beer selection and awesome environment to have a good time but where focused on sandwiches! For lunch or dinner this hot spot is serving up amazing grab and not only have they put Westerly on the map by upgrading downtown with their presence they have put themselves as a must stop place for food lovers and beer lovers. If you are visiting or you live here in Westerly RI make The Malted Barley a destination on your list of spots to go and grab a pretzel sandwich… and a beer while your here!

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