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Best Restaurants in Mystic, CT

Best Restaurants in Mystic, CT

Where the LOCALS GO!…

These Seenic Sites go beyond the summer see-son! Mystic is a year round destination. Mystic it’s more than a town but a quality of life; the real-time spent with friends, not in a hurry and truly enjoying the moment. The see-son reminds us that we are more than a beach/summer attraction, but an all year round destination!

One of our viewers mentioned, “Getting less small town everyday” which we disagree with but we decided to get local to help us remember the  “Small Town” Love. While some of our favorite local hangouts have closed, RIP Johns, 41 North and Green Marble, there are still many great places the locals go year round. This list doesn’t include some of our more well known and definitely locally supported places like Oyster Club, Engine Room, S&P Oyster and Red 36 but if you have never been to Mystic CT before and you want to know where the locals go read more and learn about stories of family, friends, and phenomenal food in one!

Daniel Packer Inn

DPI is known for the pub. The quaint roaring file and small tavern-look is preserved from the original fireplaces, mantles, beams and other structural details was achieved through methods of construction dating back to the 1700’s. The love of this small town favorite had one viewer say it best, “Spent all morning and early afternoon there”.

The Captain Daniel Packer Inne was built on the Mystic River over 250 years ago. Square-rigger Captain Daniel Packer completed construction of the building bordering Water Street in 1756. From that time to the late 1900’s the property remained in the Packer family and their descendants, The Keelers. The Inne was restored in the 1980’s by Richard and Lulu Kiley, and remains in the family today.

In the late 1700’s the Inne was a welcome landmark for weary travelers between New York and Boston who stop for the night to rest and would partake of the hearty bill of fare. While they dined Captain Packer would entertain his guest with thrilling tales of his adventures on the high seas.

DPI is quoted on their website, “. We prepare all of our selections from fresh, quality ingredients with imagination and care” They certainly do!…

Keepin’ it Imaginative- Almond Encrusted Goat Cheese, Black Beard’s Beef Nachos, Faroe Island Salmon, DPI Skewers, and Vegan Paella… NEED WE SAY MORE??!

Keepin’ it Care-  From Starters, to Salads, to Entrees, to Casual Plates the care comes to convenience, customizable reasons to come for lunch and stay for dinner

Anthony J’s Bistro:

Cozy and friendly is the ambiance welcoming in locals and travelers at Anthony J’s Bistro, more commonly abbreviated to “AJ’s”. Anthony J’s mimics the “Old Village” feel with charm and history located a view and a walk away from the Bascule Drawbridge and the Sailing Schooners. The bartenders become friends and the patrons become family. The dining becomes an experience with a new wine ordered from the renowned wine cellar to pair with the charcuterie plate of meats and cheese.

Angie’s Pizza Pier 27

We are often asked where is the best pizza in Mystic. Lately a lot of great pizza spots have made their way to MysticWhat a story! Owners and siblings Johnny and Stacy say it best and say it from the heart. This story must be kept in quotes:


“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Angie’s is family, a family business that we run, my brother, sister, mother, aunts and cousins are all involved and come through here.This is a business we took over when my father got sick unfortunately, so it’s kind of been the glue that has kept the rest of the family together.”

“There is an incredible sense of pride from everyone that works here. Pride in our community and the three generations of customers that we have…We recognize all the faces…We’ve seen kids come in with their parents and grandparents and have literally seen them grow up.”


“Stacy started at Angie’s when the restaurant first opened in 1997. She was 21 at the time. Now, she helps out five days a week and each time she’s doing something different. “Whether it’s managing, serving, bartending or cooking, I’ve become that person who can go wherever I’m needed most.”

“I love Angie’s for so many reasons, but it all comes down to family. From our own family to our long-time employees and repeat customers, these are my people! My mom even comes in a couple times each week to cook homemade Greek dishes, it’s really special.”

Stacy can’t say no to pasta and her favorite food on the menu is, of course, the Eggplant Parmesan! This homemade dish features fresh pasta and thin, perfectly crisp eggplant slices topped with basil and mozzarella. “The chicken parm is definitely a close second!”

Stacy’s family, in and outside of Angie’s, is what keeps her smiling. As a mom of two young boys, Alexander and Dimitri, she’s always on the go. “It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s family. I can’t imagine it any other way.”

Keepin’ it Family: Angie’s pizza has been Famous for five decades. The dough is made daily in house and topped with their special pizza sauce. While I have no proof, the Secrets of Greek origin recipes are painted throughout the menu with authentic grape leaves, gyros, and spanakopita.

The blessing of family and friends is visited on many generational levels. From bringing the kids to the restaurant side or meeting the “gang” at the lounge after work. The crew of Angie’s don’t forget a face. The jukebox, the game, or just that quiet booth in the corner is welcomed with a shout for the next “piture of beer”. If you still think Mystic is losing that small hometown feel have yourself a trip to Angie’s where the heart of Mystic still lies and we are reminded that it’s still GOING STRONG!

Mystic Market

The old faithful Mystic Market. Now with 4 locations all over the state. We are lucky to have two right here in Mystic on opposite sides of town. Mystic Market is “Go-TO” for walkers, boaters, picnickers, late night dinner scrambles, and large family gatherings. Whether it’s a Friday night or holiday, or quick sandwich and a coffee Mystic Market has been the most relied on market for fresh dinner dishes, bakery, and deli sandwiches. Homey and warm, the store offers groceries to make fabulous meals at home, as well as market-made meals to go.

The website lists options:

Fresh baked breakfast treats, breads and desserts • Generous salads and sandwiches • Fine coffees, teas and beverages • Gourmet dips, oils, sauces, crackers, cookies & cheese • Homemade soups, side dishes and entrees • Custom wedding cakes and special occasion cakes

Since it was established in 1993, Mystic Market has delivered fresh food, faithful hours, and friendly familiar smiles.


Go where the Locals find a great selection of draft and bottled beers, and fine choices of Irish and Scottish Whiskies. Step out of Mystic and find yourself in an exact replica of a small country pub in Ireland,  where are all are welcomed with a great conversation and a good laugh over a creamy pint.

The live music and the TV with a game could become a background to friends or the premiere focus with furniture rearranged and a Live English Premier League Football excuse to keep the pints flowing all afternoon!

In October 2002, Irishman Leo Roche, who hails from Glin Co, Limerick, Ireland. Transformed the space to resemble his hometown Ireland pubs, all imported and authentic with road signs and furniture to teleport the crowd to a  foreign country.

Kitchen Little

This place is legendary to local folks and has also had enough national press to bring many celebrities. Serving up exotic weekend breakfast specials like tiramisu pancakes, to philly steak and cheese omelettes. If a special doesn’t tickle your fancy there is certainly something on the menu that will whether it’s the breakfast tacos, smedley or eggs benedict. There is something is something for everyone in this waterfront restaurant in Mystic CT that some would say serves up the best breakfast in Mystic CT.


This is truly a hidden gem in Mystic. You want to an old school sandwich shop? Then this is your place. If you are hungry and need a sandwich be prepared you are going to get a sandwich and it may just last you two or 3 meals. Everything here is made fresh daily and when they are out of something that’s it you’ll have to get there earlier next time. Enjoy!

Mystic Salad Co.

We loved them as the Soup Mystic Coup Co. Thankfully for us they brought their soup recipes with them when they decided to merge the two locations. If you love a fresh salad this is your spot. Located off the downtown green, this place offers up made to order fresh salads and homemade soup daily. We only wish they had a bigger kitchen so they could have a few of their staples on their daily menu! We love the cream of turkey and wild rice, corn chowder and beef stew! Local tip for you! If you want to check out what their local soups are daily follow them on their facebook page where they post them everyday between 10:30 and 11am.