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Best Donuts in Providence, RI

Best Donuts in Providence, RI

There are two types of people in the world. People who love donuts and people who donut (sorry, bad pun). Here at SeeProv, we LOVE donuts. We will eat just about any fresh-made donut. But there are two places in Providence, RI that you cannot miss if you love donuts like us. We’re here to give you the low-down on each!


PVDonuts has spectacular brioche donuts, which are essentially a fancier type of yeast dough. It kind of resembles a cronut in that it is airy, flakey, and buttery. It’s fluffy and far less dense than a cake donut. And PVDonuts is the best at adding amazing toppings and glazes. Some of their flavors include salted pretzel chocolate chip cookie, Friendsgiving (cranberry glaze, stuffing, mashed potatoes, frize chicken, and gravy drizzle), fruity pebble, pumpkin cannoli, and more. And those are just a few of the brioche donuts. They also have vegan, flourless, filled, and cake donut options. Their menu is extensive and changes monthly. We’d recommend you come on an empty stomach. You’ll never be able to choose just a few and will end up with at least a dozen…or MORE!

Knead Doughnuts

While PVDonuts kills at brioche, Knead will give you a run for your money when it comes to cake and old fashioned donuts. Knead nails the texture of both of these doughnuts. Their old-fashioneds are dense and crisp with a tender inside and their cake donuts are chewy and moist. And the awesome part is that their menu changes almost daily. So you can come back every day and get something different. Sounds delicious. And dangerous! Some of our favorite flavors include chai, brown butter pecan, and mango glazed. Aside from cake and old fashioned, they also have vegan, flourless, and brioche donut options. And fritters! Don’t forget their delicious apple fritters!

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