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Best Coffee Shops in Newport, RI

Best Coffee Shops in Newport, RI

Newport has so much to offer, so we always recommend keeping a bit of caffeine charge going to make the most of your time there. Featuring coffee right from the heart of New England to places as far-flung as Australia and the Middle East, from limited menus of traditional brewing styles to creative coffee adventures, these four coffee shops are among our favorites!

The Coffee Grinder can be found at the very end of Bannister’s Wharf, overlooking historic Newport harbor. A charming espresso bar and coffee shop open for breakfast or lunch, or the perfect place to grab an afternoon beverage as you sightsee and shop. Enjoy an authentically prepared, hand-brewed Italian espresso drink while watching the sunset from the comfort of an Adirondack chair. Their House Blend is crafted in a historic New England grist mill by a small-batch roaster located in nearby Massachusetts. The Coffee Grinder is a must stop for any visit to Newport!

Mokka Coffeehouse is an old-world-style coffeehouse, serving great Fair Trade artisan coffee and coffee drinks, fresh pastries, light lunch, and decadent desserts. Their name comes from the Arab word MAQKAH which literally translates to ‘where the coffee is.’ Maqkah was a port in Yemen, which was where all the coffee in the region was transported for inspection before it got to leave the region. Taking a no-nonsense approach to coffee and focusing on tradition and quality, the owners have tried to stay away from the trendy, sweet drinks of chain coffee shops, choosing instead to offer a limited menu of drip coffee, cold brew, and a selection of espresso drinks.

Meg’s Aussie Milk Bar is a traditional Aussie-style cafe. A milk bar is typically a suburban social venue and snack bar that sells light refreshments, fresh sandwiches, hamburgers, milkshakes, meat pies, various sweets, groceries, and newspapers. The traditional Australian milk bar enjoyed its heyday during the 1940s-1980s, much like the American Diner. The milk bar as a social venue was gradually replaced by fast-food franchises, though they are still found in many areas, often serving as a local corner or convenience store. This particular milk bar is owned and operated by a small family, started when an American girl traveled abroad and fell in love with an Aussie “bloke,” as well as Australian coffee, food, and lifestyle. Together the couple brings decades of experience with specialty coffee roasting and Aussie hospitality to America, right here in Newport.

The crew at Empire Tea and Coffee is on a constant quest to find the elusive perfect cup of tea or coffee. They carry over 70 loose teas available by the cup, pot, or tin to take home, and their coffee comes from three different coffee roasters, including Intelligentsia and Counter Culture Coffee, and locally from New Harvest Coffee. Both their coffee and their teas feature many single plantation options that highlight the care and craftsmanship of the grower. You can also enjoy Bubble Tea or Horchata Chai or even some spicy hot chocolate! Established in 2004, their goal has always been the same – to bring a community-based specialty beverage cafe to Newport, while pushing the creative boundaries of their craft. 

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